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Experiment Engine is a complete A/B testing solution that makes building a world-class testing program easy.

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A quick guide to A/B testing

And why it’s our favorite thing, ever.

What is A/B and multivariate testing?

A/B testing is a way to make rigorous, scientific decisions to improve the usability and revenue of your site. Companies like Amazon, Bonobos, and Gilt have used it as a core way to conversions and revenue per visitor.

A/B testing has it roots in scientific methodology where scientists would compare one treatment against another to see which was more effective. In the same way, A/B testing compares two versions of your website experience using real traffic to determine which performs better.

Multivariate testing is another type of testing which compares multiple treatments at the same time, testing A/B/C/n versions to see which page type is better or what elements are most important.

A/B testing is one of the best ways for eCommerce companies to increase revenue per visitor. It lets teams replace opinions and hunches with real data when making design and user experience decisions. Because A/B testing tracks performance with your real customers, you can directly calculate an ROI from your testing efforts.

Why A/B Testing Matters for eCommerce


A/B testing is a great way to improve conversions and revenue per visitor across devices and channels. Users driven from Facebook on a mobile device are very different from desktop users on search. A/B testing makes it possible to identify the best experience for each users.

Improved conversion rates and higher revenue per visitor will open up new marketing channels, as well, unlocking new growth.

Whether the goal is to make PLAs profitable or drive newsletter signups, Experiment Engine can help make it happen.

Why start A/B testing?

A/B testing helps teams make data-backed decisions and drive meaningful business results through real-time customer analysis.

Testing is one of the best investments a publisher can make. Companies like Google, BuzzFeed, and Facebook started A/B testing from the very beginning of their business. These companies rapidly run 1000s of tests a year, with the aim of improving user engagement, increase revenue, and outperforming their competitors.

Split testing is used by the best marketing and product teams in the world, helping them:

Increase conversions
Open up new acquisition channels
Drive revenue
Make better decisions

Want help starting your A/B testing program?

We’ve run thousands of test and help some of the worlds best brands with their testing. We want to help you test better, too.

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How to get started A/B Testing

A/B testing requires tools, process, and people to run a successful program. Experiment Engine provides everything you need in one place.

1. Build a Testing Team

The best testing teams have a culture of experimentation and are backed by skilled designers, developers, and analysts.

Modernize your testing program with Experiment Engine’s customized virtual testing teams.

2. Choose & Integrate Tools

You need more than just an A/B testing tool. Integrating analytics, workflow, and process leads to CRO success.

Experiment Engine’s platform helps integrate best-in-class tools like Optimizely, Google Analytics, KissMetrics and more.

3. Plan Your Testing Roadmap

Top testing teams know what they are going to test several months in advance. Join the elite and always be testing.

We work with your team to build a testing roadmap, giving you a quarterly testing plan and the support to execute.

4. Design & Build Experiments

To go from idea to success, tests must be mocked-up, coded, and QA’d by specialized designers & developers.

Avoid roadblocks & spend your time thinking about strategy–your virtual testing team will design and code experiments for you.

5. Add Mobile & Personalization

The future of the web is mobile and personalized experiences. Give your users the perfect experience, every time.

Experiment Engine works with mobile web and can help design the best experience for all your user segments.

6. Analyze & Share Results

To get the most out of testing, good analysis—understood at every level of the organization—is key.

Get expert help analyzing the results of experiments; analysis you can share with executives.

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