5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Flat Design for Epic Conversions – VWO

Flat design has become a popular, trendy approach to styling sites…but how does it affect conversions? Early on, it was problematic for users to identify actionable objects on a page but has since evolved into a type of design worth testing. See how it can potentially improve readability, layout, SEO, load time, and trust.

How to Master Lead Gen Form Optimization – ConversionXL

When it comes to your lead gen form, there are many possible elements to test — form length, field labels, headline, value props, and more. Learn how to identify friction within your form and hypothesize, prioritize, and run tests. Get a few guidelines to try and take a look at how others approached form optimization.

9 E-commerce Best Practices to Stand Out From a Saturated Market – Optimizely

There are more than enough ecommerce stores and most get lost in a very crowded space. To have your site stand out, it’s necessary to optimize for a great experience by testing email capture, value props, and more. Also, learn about test prioritization and how an iterative process leads to a more effective redesign.

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