When “Free” Converts (and When It Doesn’t) – ConversionXL

If someone asked, “what’s the most effective word for CRO-driven copy?” most would say “free”. But just because this is a general best practice, doesn’t mean that it always works. Take a look at cases where it has and hasn’t been good for conversions and make sure you’re always testing — even when you think it’s a guaranteed win.

The Light at the End of the Funnel: Adventures in Getting Users to Do Stuff – Optimizely

Take a look at how Audrey and Alexa optimized the mobile funnel for a loan company that needed to collect information from users. Check out their thought process in identifying areas to start testing and actual variations they came up for their form. Their dedicated testing helped find a version that lifted conversions by 20-30%.

Fluff is Thy Foe: 6 Insurance Landing Page Examples & Critiques – Unbounce

This one is for those with insurance or lead-gen pages! Get ideas to test like how you should write copy, design forms, or upgrade imagery. Avoid fluff by making sure that every element and piece of content is absolutely necessary for your users.

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