20+ eCommerce Conversion Optimization Guidelines of 2015 – Perception Blog

Need quick tactics to give your ecommerce store a boost? Use this handy infographic outlining this year’s best practices from product videos to simple click-to-call.

How to Come Up with More Winning Tests Using Data – ConversionXL

Realize the type of data you need before you begin gathering it. Collecting the proper data empowers you to pull insights for better variations. This means winning tests with higher impact.

Utilize Data to Optimize Your Store’s Shopping Experience – LemonStand

Data enhances the ability to improve the ecommerce experience and increase sales! Use customer data to create a personalized shopping experience for users. Use competitive data to show value to customers, whether that’s pricing or service.

Don’t Do a Redesign! Learn Why Evolution Beats Revolution – KISSmetrics

Find out how evolutionary redesign can minimize risk, uses data-driven changes, leverages A/B testing, and more. Conversion rate optimization is continuous when you’re able to measure each step and change.

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